Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Northern Virginia Homes Sales - Vienna metro - June 23, 2010

Northern Virginia Homes Sales - Vienna metro as of June 23 ,2010

There are quite a few properties on the market - just steps to the Vienna metro:
Acadia offers 5 units - 1 BR- $235k
five units with 2 BRs - 295k - 364k
Marquis - two 1BR units - $195k and $235k
eight 2 BR units - between $315k and $450k
Hunters Branch - 390k
Country Creek has five available twonhouses - $465k to $490k
Circle Woods one townhouse - $400k
Townes of Moorefield - 1 townhouse - 565k
Virginia Center - 1 townhouse - 615k

Around the metro, you can also find 3 available detached houses- from 500k to 760k depending on the size and age of the construction.

For those who are not ready to buy yet, there are 21 properties to choose from if you still want to live at walking distance to the metro.
Acadia - 5 units -between $1,800 - $2,100
Marquis - 5 units - $1,350 - $2,000/mo (the former being for 1 BR)
Hunters Branch unit -$1,850/mo
Circle Woods townhouse - $2,190/mo
Country Creek three townhouses- $2,200- $2,900/mo
Virginia Center six townhouses - $2,600 - $3,100/mo

As usual, if you want to see, call me at 703-577-4277 or email me for details about the properties.

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