Sunday, July 11, 2010


Northern Virginia Homes for Sale at the Vienna Metro:
There are 31 properties for sale as of today.
Condominium complexes at walking distance to the metro:
Acadia offers 1 BR -for 235k; three 2 BR units from 328k to 364k;
Hunters Branch - 2 BR unit for 390k
Marquis has two 1 BR units - for 195k and 225k; and twelve 2 BR units from 308k to 450k
Townhouses just steps from the metro are:
Circle Woods two townhouses for 400k each
Country Creek - six 3-level townhouses from 435k to 490k
Townes of Moorefield one townhouse for 565k
Virginia Center has 1 townhouse with 1 car garage for 615k
Detached Houses:
Briarwood terrace has two single family houses - 750k and 780k
Poplar Terrace- 1 house f0r 500k.

Please get a preapproval letter from a reputable lender before you start looking at properties.
If you need help, please call at 703-577-4277.

For those who would like to rent close to the metro, these are the properties you can find today:
Acadia condo: 2 BR units from $1,795 to $2,100/mo (one and two level)
Marquis condo units: 1 BR for $1,400/mo; two 2 BR units for $1,800/mo and $1,900/mo
Circle woods townhouses : $2,190/mo
Country Creek tonwhouses: two townhouses for $2, and $3,100/mo
Virginia Center townhouses: four townhouses from $2,850/mo to $2,900/mo.

If you want to look at any of these or any other properties, I will be happy to help you. The best number to reach me at is 703-937-0328.

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