Thursday, June 17, 2010

Northern Virginia Homes Sales - Vienna metro - June 17, 2010

Northern Virginia Homes Sales - Vienna metro - as of June 17, 2010:

There are 27 properties within 0.5m of the metro. Most of them are either condos near the metro or townhouses for sale. Subdivisions within walking distance to the metro that have available properties are these:
Acadia - one-bedroom for $235k
6 two-bedroom units - between $300k and $364k
Marquis - 3 one-bedroom units - between $195k and $235k
6 two-bedroom units - between $315k and $450k
Hunters Branch - two-bedroom unit - $390k

Townhouses for sale around the metro:
Country Creek - 5 townhouses - between $450k and $500k
Circle Woods - $400k
Townes of Moorefield - $565k
Virginia Center - $615k

Detached houses - $759k for a colonial built in 2004 and $506,5k for a 1950 rambler.

9 of the properties mentioned above are short sales. There are no foreclosures at the moment.

For those who are looking to rent near the Vienna metro, you can find:
Acadia - 6 two-bedroom units - between $1,795/mo- $2,100/mo
Marquis 4 one-bedroom units - between $1,350 and $1,400/mo;
4 two-bedroom units - between $1,850 and $2,100/mo
Circle Woods - townhouse - $2,190/mo
Coutry Creek - 4 townhouses between $2,200/mo and $2,300/mo;
3 townhouses with garages : $2,900- $3,100/mo
Virginia Center - 4 townhouses with garages: $2,900- $3,100/mo

If you want to look, please email or call me at 703-577-4277. As usual, if you are thinking of buying please talk to a loan officer before you start the whole process. Thanks.

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