Friday, April 2, 2010

Northern Virginia Real Estate - Vienna metro - Update April 2

Northern Virginia Real estate - Vienna metro - as of today these are available:
Marquis condo - 3 one-bedroom units - between 200k and 230k; 2 two-bedroom units - 345k and 350k;
Acadia condo - two bedroom unit - $327,500
Circle woods townhouse- 395k
Country Crek townhouses - 480k, 634k and 695k
Detached houses - 530k, 550k, 560k; 789k.
All of these properties are within walking distance to the Vienna metro.

Many people are still unaware that chances are they may qualify for a tax credit even if they own a property right now and have no intention to sell it. So call me and I will give you some advice.

For those who are not buying at this point, there are several properties for rent. You can rent a 2 level 2 bedroom 2 FV condo unit for $1,750/mo; a townhouse in IVY Sqaure for $2,500/mo; a townhouse in Country Creek for $3,350/mo and a 5 BR 4 FB detached house for $3,850/mo.

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