Saturday, March 27, 2010


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TAX CREDIT - DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! If you want to get your 8k tax credit, you better get serious about buying. Home purchase in Virginia, Maryland or DC is not an easy process. And it does take time and a lot of effort and thinking. The deadline of April 30th is approaching fast. If you are seriously considering buying a property, you might as well hurry and capture the 8k.
My advice is (if you have not hired an agent yet):
1. Study all the possible web-sites and Internet forums about the localities you are interested in.
2. Talk to a loan officer - get preapproved.
3. Put all the criteria that you absolutely need and the ones you wish to have on a sheet of paper. Decide how much time you are willing to spend on driving to work every morning?
4. See whether you will be able to update the property after you purchase it - put some money aside if possible.
5. Consider purchasing a house without the 8k - is it possible at all?
6. If you want to buy a short sale - you will probably need more time (90+ days). Which makes more sense: to go for a regular sale and get 8k or forget the tax credit and wait on a short sale? In any case, especially if trying to buy a short sale, get help of a real estate agent. You may get into trouble if you do not have an experienced one.
Need help of an expert who can help you find the right property for you in VA, MD or DC? Call 703-577-4277 or email.

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