Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Vienna Metro Homes - For Sale and Rent

July 7, 2020 - Covid-19 is still around. Buyers are out looking for properties. Sellers are slowly putting properties on the market. Interest rates are still low, but you need to have extra cash to be able to win the competition for a property. 

These properties are within 1 mile from the Vienna metro:

Flats at Metrowest - two 2 BR units 600k and 625k
Four Winds - 1 BR - 246k
HUnters Branch  - 3 BR unit - 290k
Lofts at Metrowest - 670k
Hawthorne Village- 2 BR - 285k
Marquis - two 1 BR units - 315k and 309k
Metrowest 360k
The Oakton - 1 BR unit -  280k
Treebrooke - two 2 BR units - 280k and 285k
The Atrium at Metrowest - 14  two-bed properties from 507k to 650k, 3 BR unit - 750k


Cherrywood Square - $625,000
Concord Village - 635k
Country Creek - three properties from 575k to 640k
Circle Woods - three properties from 465k to 550k
Metrowest - 780k 
Metro Row - 950k
Oakton Crest - 771k
Waterford - 545k
Stonehurst - 550k

Detached houses:
Town and Country Estates - two properties $1,500,000 and $1,600,000
Briarwood Trace - 875k and 900k
Townes of Vienna - $1,600,000
Chilcott Manor - $1,3 ml
Picket Estate - $1,195,000

Additionally, here is the info for those who are 55+ y.o.:
For Sale: The Atrium at Metrowest - fourteen  2 BR units -from 480k to 650k

Those, who are looking for rent near the Vienna metro, will find a lot of properties at walking distance to the metro:

Acadia - 1 BR unit-  $1,550/mo and four 2 BR units -from $2,1500/mo to $2,400/mo
Four Winds - two 1 BR units - $1,550/mo  and $1,580/mo
Hawthorne Village  three 1 BR units from $1,450/mo to $1,525/mo, 2 BR unit - $1,850/mo
Hunters Branch - two 2 BR units - $2,000/mo and $2,300/mo
Flats at Metrowest - 2 BR unit - $2,500/mo
Lofts at Metrowest - 4 units - from $2,700/mo to $2,800/mo
Marquis three 1 BR units from $1,550/mo  to $1,650mo, three 2 BR units from $2,000/mo to $2,400/mo
Metrowest - $2,450/mo
The Oakton - 1 BR unit $1,600/mo, 2 BR unit - $2,000/mo -
Vistas of Vienna 3 BR  $2,400/mo


Blakelee - $2,300/mo
Cherrywood Square - two properties - $2,500/mo each
Circle WOods - $2,500/mo
Country Creek- three properties from $2,700/mo to $2,900 
Towns of Moorefield - $3,250/mo
Metrowest -$2,950/mo
Metro Row - two properties $4,300/mo and $4,500/mo
Townes of Moorefield - three properties - from $2,800/mo to $3,000/mo
Virginia Center - two properties $3,600/mo each
Waterford - three properties - $2,600/mo each
Oakton Crest - $3,300/mo
Stonehurst - $2,500/mo and $2,750/mo
Covington - 3 properties - from $2,300/mo to $3,200/mo

Detached houses:
Town and Country Estates - $2,500/mo
Briarwood Trace - $4,100/mo
Edgeley Woods  - $2,795/mo
Townes of VIenna - $3,200/mo

If you want to look at any of these or other properties, please leave me a phone message at 703-577-4277 or send an email to kamaliaemerson@gmail.com. I will be happy to help you with any of your real estate needs. Kamalia Emerson, RE/MAX Xecutex 703-281-1000

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