Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vienna metro homes - For Sale and Rent

The market is not as slow as everyone expected it to be. It is probably because higher interest rates are likely to be a fact in 2016. Also,since we are looking at properties near the metro, the market is still pretty active. As of today, Novemebr  29, 2015, these are the properties offered for sale near the Vienna metro.

Acadia - two 2 BR units - 369k and 354k
Marquis -five 1 BR units -from 242k to 275k, seven 2 BR units - from 365k to 405k
Metrowest - four 2 BR units - from 569k to 656k,, two 3 BR units - 5285k and 535k
Hunters Branch - two 2 BR units - 369k and 385k

Metrowest - 665k
Virginia Center - three properties - from 650k to  679k
Country Creek -  575k
Black Tree Manor - 485k
Circle Woods - 485k
Linden Square - 430k

Those, who are looking for rent near the Vienna metro, will find a lot of properties at walking distance to the metro:

Acadia - 2 BR unit -$2,000/mo
Marquis - five 2 BR unit - $1,900/mo; to $2,050/mo; two 1 BR units $1,500/mo and $1,450/mo
Hunters Branch - two 2 BR units - $1,790/mo each; 3 BR unit - $2,500/mo
Metrowest - three 2 BR units - $2,250/mo to $2,600/mo; five 3 BR units - $2,400/mo to $2,700/mo

Country Creek - four properties - from  $2,600/mo to $3,700/mo
Vienna Metro - $3,300/mo
Virginia Center - three properties - $2,800/mo to $3,000/mo
Blakewive - $2,300/mo
Metrowest - $2,725/mo
Townes of Moorefield - $2,650/mo
Sutton Green- $2,300/mo
Blakeview - $2,150/mo

detached house:
Floyd Park - $2,800/mo

If you want to look at any of these or other properties, please leave me a phone message at 703-937-0328 or send an email to I will be happy to help you with any of your real estate needs. Kamalia Emerson, RE/MAX Xecutex, Oakton VA 703-281-1000

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