Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Homes by the Vienna Metro - For Sale and Rent

As of today,  June 30, 2015, there are several properties on the market near the Vienna metro.

Acadia - three 2 BR units - 375k to 400k
Hunters Branch - two 2 BR units -345k and  400k; 3 BR unit - 430k
Marquis -three 1 BR units -270k to 315k, three 2 BR units - from 375k to 400k
Metrowest - seven 2 BR units - from 525k to 605k

Metrowest - twelve  properties-from 555k to 825k
Virginia Center - three properties - from 700k to  750k
Country Creek - 775k
Fairfax Metro - 625k

Those, who are looking for rent near the Vienna metro, will find a lot of properties at walking distance to the metro:

Acadia - two 1 BR units -$1,600/mo and  1,850/mo;two 2 BR units - $1,950/mo and $1,750/mo
Marquis - five 2 BR units - from $1,900/mo to $2,050/mo; three 1 BR units - from $1,500/mo to $1,525/mo
Hunters Branch - 2 BR unit - $1,900/mo; 3 BR unit - $3,200/mo
Metrowest - two 2 BR units -$2,400/mo to $2,600/mo
The Lofts of Metrowest - $3,250/mo

MetroWest - $3,150/mo
Ivy Square - $2,900/mo
Linden Square - $2,200/mo
Fairfax Metro - $2,850/mo
Circle Woods - $2,280/mo
Country Creek - five properties - from  $2,400/mo to $3,300/mo
Metrowest - three properties - from $3,100/mo to $3,300/mo
Virginia Center - $3,500/mo
Vienna metro - $3,250/mo
Townes of Moorefield - two properties - $2,850/mo and $2,700/mo

single family house:
Poplar Terrace - $2,500/mo

If you want to look at any of these or other properties, please leave me a phone message at 703-937-0328 or send an email to kamaliaemerson@gmail.com. I will be happy to help you with any of your real estate needs. Kamalia Emerson, RE/MAX Xecutex 703-281-1000

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