Monday, August 2, 2010


Homes by the Vienna Metro as of August 2, 2010:

These are available condos in :
Acadia: 1 BR - 195k; three 2 BR units: 328k & 338k & 399k
Marquis: 1 BR - 175k ; eleven 2BR units: from $285k to $350k
Hunters Branch: 2 BR - 375k; two 3BR -410k & 595k

The following subdivisions have townhouses for sale:
Circle Woods: 400k each - two townhouses
Blake Tree Manor: 400k
Country Creek: three townhouses: from 450k to 480k
Townes of Moorefield: 565k
Virginia Center: 615k

Briarwood Trace has 3 detached houses : from 750k to 780k
Floyd Park - 550k
Poplar Terrace : 500k

For those looking to rent at walking distance to the Vienna metro, these are available:
Acadia - four 2 BR units from $1,850/mo to $1,950/mo
Circle Woods - $2,450/mo (townhouse)
Country Creek: 4 townhouses - from $2,150/mo to $3,150/mo
Marquis - $1, - 1 BR; $2,300/mo - 2 BR
Virginia Center - $2,850/mo and $2,900/mo

Should you need any help, please call me at 703-577-4277 or email

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